Drafting a Settlement and Concluding the Mediation

Divorce mediation costs are typically 80-90% lower than divorce litigation fees with lawyers. The cost of mediation can be calculated either as a flat fee or on an hourly basis.

Like attorneys, many mediators charge hourly. Clients are then charged based on how much time is spent by the mediator. The client is billed time for meetings, email, phone calls and time on the case such as drafting documents. Be careful: While $250 an hour may sound better than $300, it is not the case if the $250 mediator spent 8 hours writing your final agreements divorce mediation when the $300 one would only have taken 4 hours.

You may want to ask for an updated statement of charges if you select a mediator that bills per hour. This will allow you to address any concerns quickly. You can ask your mediator if he would be willing to consider charging a flat rate for documents drafted, or better yet a fee per process. It can reduce the uncertainty of billing fees that occur without your presence.

Some mediators now offer flat rates for the entire process of mediation. The flat fee mediators claim that hourly billing is a major contributor to the dysfunctional family law system. Hourly billing pays professionals for how much time they spend on each case. Conflict is the cause of time.

Before you hire an attorney, or file for divorce unilaterally and have your spouse served with divorce papers to begin the divorce process, you should learn as much about divorce mediation. You will be better prepared to discuss divorce mediation with your spouse if you are well-informed about the best way to divorce.

Investigate the advantages of mediation. Understand the differences in cost and time between litigation and mediation. If you have kids, it is important to understand that children benefit from divorce mediation rather than a lengthy court case. This information will make your spouse more open to the idea that mediation can lead to a peaceful divorce.

Research the local divorce mediators. You and your partner should identify several possible options for consultations. Find a divorce mediator. You should try to gauge their reputation within the community.

You can start the process of a peaceful divorce by meeting with a mediator together. Discover together how to avoid a war in your divorce by selecting a method that will allow you and your spouse to divorce peacefully. Starting the divorce with the mutual goal of (1) minimizing conflict, (2) protecting children’s emotional wellbeing, and (3) reducing divorce costs will help set the tone for a better divorce. The mediator will tell you what to do next.

Simply put, divorce is the process of ending a relationship legally. The legal definition of divorce in Arizona is “dissolution” and you will have to make many important decisions during this process. Most common issues are the division of assets and debts, as well as alimony (spousal support), parenting concerns, including time with children, parental decision-making, and financial obligations.

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