A complete guide about mortgage with CCJ


This will be a hurdle if you want a mortgage but have a county court judgement. The approval process becomes even more difficult if you have more than one CCJ, but as the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Though obtaining a mortgage with a CCJ is difficult, several options are still available. In recent years, lenders have exhibited much flexibility in their criteria and can sometimes accommodate people with severe credit issues, such as late payments, CCJ down payments, etc.

It’s important to note that not only CCJ will decline your application, but there are many other important determining factors that, if not met, will result in the rejection of your application. If you don’t know what CCJ is, let us explain.

What is CCJ?

If you have not fulfilled your down payments or have outstanding debt, you will be issued a county court judgement (CCJ). This step is typically taken as the last option to be availed of by lenders after contacting you through calls, letters, and reminders to pay the debt.

It’s crucial to erase the CCJ on your credit report, which can make your approval difficult and even prevent you from opening a bank account or getting a credit card.

How to get a mortgage with CCJ

You can get a mortgage with CCJ, but you must be cautious. High-street lenders are unlikely to approve your application, but you can get a mortgage offer if you consult an advisor and follow the necessary steps. Lenders will consider when the CCJ happened, whether it was resolved or not, the amount of the CCJ, whether you have one or multiple CCJs, your deposit amount, the type of mortgage you require, and any other issues on your credit report that are not related to the CCJ.

Even getting a standard mortgage is difficult; adding a CCJ makes the process even more difficult. Well, don’t let your morale down; with effort, you can achieve anything you want, even a mortgage. Moreover, if you consult an advisor, he will help you find a suitable lender that offers a mortgage that suits your requirements. We hope this guide at MortgageKey enables you to resolve your concern.

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