settings will make using your phone faster and simpler

The best IPHONE TIPS are those that go above and beyond. They make you do a double take. It’s cool to triple-tap the iPhone backside in order to take screenshots or muffle the volume. But not everyone wants their phone to be able to perform such functions. It’s more important to me that everyone is aware of a few features which have moved on from being just tricks.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but it will help you make your iPhone more efficient and convenient. You can do simple tasks, like sending an email and typing your home address faster. But you can also perform more complex ones such as deleting old images in your photo gallery. Tap the center top of the screen, next to your front-facing cam. You will be taken back to the beginning of your webpage by tapping iPhone price in Srilanka on this area. This feature works not only on websites, but also on apps and setting screens.

You can now simply tap the top of your screen to return to the most recent items, instead of flipping back and forth. This is how I always get to my most recent emails and Instagram posts. This may also help you if, at some point, your browser jumped to the front page of a site without any explanation.

The Vulcan Salute Emoji was displayed automatically when I typed the word “llap”, which is short for “Live Long and Prosper”. You can use random characters to transform them into words you often type or difficult-to-remember phrases. Go to Settings, and then tap General. Select Text Replacement from the Keyboard menu.

You’ll still need to type in uncommon letters for the text to be replaced. You may find it annoying if you keep typing “email”, for instance, because your text replacement will appear every time. These text replacements are also available on Macs and iPads, thanks to iCloud.

You can choose to hide certain images from your photo gallery. You can hide sensitive photos from appearing in your general photo library. Tap on a photo (or a selection of photos) then select the “share icon”–a small box with an upward pointing arrow. Scroll to the bottom and click Hide. Hidden photos can be found by scrolling through Albums until Hidden appears. You can hide the Hidden folder by turning off Photos in Settings.

You may have noticed that when you tap on the albums section of the Photos app, and then scroll down until you reach Hidden, the app separates other media types for you. Tap on the sections to remove old screen captures and screenshots. This is a quick way of freeing up storage. This is a great way to clear out old memories.

You can arrange your homescreen layouts by moving entire screens of applications without having to move individual icons. Tap and hold on the Home Screen the dots that show the number of screens. After a few seconds, the icons will start to jiggle. You will then see your entire home screen. Uncheck the ones that you don’t want to see, or move each rectangular to change their order.

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