strategies to validate a product idea

You have just created a great new product and want to make it available for sale. Now you suddenly realize that you must consider packaging to sell online product verification. You don’t want the shipping process to cause damage to your goods. Look at what others are doing with items similar to you. This is an excellent place to begin! You can then make a random guess and trust it will work out.

But there is a better way if you had a system to help, you think through your packaging requirements. What if you could feel confident in your ability to consider all factors and make an informed decision about how to package your product? In Fundamentals of Packaging Technology (IoPP), the Institute of Packaging Professionals lists four functions* of packaging.

What? Did you know there was a trade association for packaging professionals? Packaging Engineering is a whole field. Many experts studied and analyzed all the conditions your items will encounter during shipping. Maybe you can learn a little more about packaging engineering to help you think so that you don’t make mistakes and avoid overlooking things. ?

Don’t worry; most people don’t. If you start to think about the technical aspect of packaging, you are ahead of the curve. The IoPP is a trade association for packaging. Packaging fulfills the four functions according to it: These items were once sold at nearby craft fairs. Rhonda, a retired nurse, is an extravert. Rhonda enjoyed selling in person to chat with her customers and other Makers.

However, things can happen. Rhonda sold online when a global disaster made in-person craft fairs impossible. She handled her fulfillment herself and shipped the coasters to her customers. She began to think about how to pack the coasters for shipping. Rhonda knew coasters could be sent in bubble envelopes or small cardboard boxes. Rhonda wasn’t sure which to use. But the bubble envelope was less expensive, but what happens if the coasters snap in transit?

Rhonda positioned her product as a premium, high-quality option with excellent customer reviews. She didn’t want to put her customers at risk of receiving a broken coaster. Still, she did not want to charge customers so much for shipping and handling she would lose her customers. Process Cat offered some help.

Rhonda peruses the list, realizing that her instinct was to emphasize mechanical damage (breaking). She now realizes that shock, compression, and vibration are her main concerns. In extreme situations, temperature and humidity could be crucial. Gary, Rhonda’s friend, makes cookies. He also sells them by mail. (Respecting local laws, of course!) time is critical for cookies as they have a shelf life. Getting into more detail on food safety packaging is beyond this article’s scope. You should know that packaging can increase the shelf-life of foods.

Insulated containers and ice packs can help keep food cold so they don’t spoil. If you have ever received steaks or other fresh meats by mail, you are familiar with this. Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, makes industrial-scale baked goods. What appears to be air in the sealed package contains modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

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