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The recovery time for spinal surgery will be shorter if the spinal problem has minimal damage. Spinal conditions that have extensive damage are not eligible for minimally invasive spine surgery. They may need traditional open surgery which increases recovery time.

You will need a long recovery even if your spinal surgery is minimally invasive if you are not taking care of yourself. You can also speed your recovery up by taking good care of your body after your surgery. Follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions as closely as precio de operación de hernia discal possible. This includes eating right, drinking enough water, sleeping well, and remaining active where it’s safe.

Exercises are allowed after back surgery but you must be careful to not aggravate your condition by doing too much or damaging the spine and back tissues. For tissues that are healing from back surgery, a proper exercise program can be beneficial. However, you must allow the tissue to reach a certain level of healing before you begin any exercises. Do not begin an exercise regimen without first consulting with your physician, as they know your specific situation the best.

Exercises and low-intensity activities are important for lubricating the joints to avoid stiffening. This is dependent on how well you have recovered and what your doctor recommends. You should avoid bending, lifting or twisting as these movements will put undue strain on the tissue in your back.

A stretching routine can help you to gradually restore flexibility and strength to your spine. This is especially important if your pain was caused by an injury or other medical conditions. Stretching with low intensity and impact can be a good natural pain-reliever, allowing you to reduce the amount of pain medication you need as you recover.

You could also put yourself at risk for a failed surgery if you don’t exercise. The muscles of your back may stiffen and become weaker, thus reversing the benefits gained by the original procedure. You should take the time to exercise every day, following your doctor’s, chiropractor’s or physical therapist’s advice. This will ensure that your muscles and joints are healthy.

General, the best exercises for after-back surgery involve exercising your core and legs. They should also keep you straight and not require that you bend, twist, or lift large objects. You will be given a detailed list of safe exercises by your chiropractor, physical therapist and doctor. They’ll also tell you when to do the exercises, how long to keep them up, how many times to repeat each one, etc.

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